Jul 092015
A Little Summer Break and my Favorite Watermelon Salad

If you recently subscribed to Claudia’s Tasty Bits on YouTube, I am taking a little summer break to spend some quality time with my little sprouts. They are only little once! While I am gone, I hope you check out my existing videos. There are many to choose from and I guarantee you will either learn something new or at the very least, have a chuckle! For now, here is a post about my favorite watermelon salad that I hope you make and tell me how it turns out! Please comment on this post or drop me a note at hey@realfoodies.com. I love to make this super easy and tasty [Read More...]

Jun 042015
Middle of the night MUNCHIES potato salad!

I have never tackled potato salad because I felt that it was something that should be left to the veterans. It just happens that I have reached an age in which mu mu’s seem pretty comfortable and that I need to have my own potato salad recipe. I love elements of German, Colombian and Potato salad, so, like Dyson and his vacuum cleaners, I set out to invent, The Perfect Potato Salad. I think that a great potato salad should make you want to get up at three in the morning, grab a fork and eat it straight out of the tupperware, perhaps with a few crumbled potato chips on [Read More...]

May 212015
Don't Salt your Raw Shaved Zucchini Salad with Basil and Parmesan!

Anyone can shave zucchini and put it on a plate, but it will most likely become soggy because of one ingredient. I love salt more than anything and I always salt every step of the way, except for when I make shaved zucchini salad. Salt draws out the moisture in zucchini in the same way that it does in eggplant. If you salt your salad too soon, there will be a pool of water on the bottom of the plate by the time you serve it and the zucchini will be limp. Nobody likes limp zucchini! The combination of zucchini with fresh basil, lemon, parmesan, olive oil and pine nuts [Read More...]

May 292014
Video - How to Make Shaved Asparagus Salad with Parmesan, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

I can’t tell you where I had a shaved asparagus salad for the first time, but it was probably at a nice restaurant and it was probably a little bit pricey. If you have never tried a shaved asparagus salad and you love asparagus, you have to try this recipe. It is so easy and so delicious and fresh. I crave it all the time. I omitted the toasted pine nuts, but they really do add a lovely bit of texture and flavor. I love that you don’t have to make a complicated vinaigrette for this asparagus salad, you simply drizzle fresh lemon juice, olive oil and grate some parmesan [Read More...]

Aug 092012

There are about two handfuls of culinary experiences that have changed my life like the first time I ate foie gras or the first time I had a pizza with a farm egg on top. The first time I ate fresh fava beans was in Alicante Spain in 2005, before that I was only aware of them via Hannibal Lecter. Back to Spain. So I was with a group of American ex pats and we decided to make a paella. I assumed we would be eating a typical paella, like the bright yellow kind you see in the form of mini fridge magnets. We went out to the beautiful farmer’s [Read More...]