Jul 102014

I cried for years and years and sometimes it was because I was slicing onions. I tried every solution to the onion and tear dilemma including lighting a candle and wearing goggles, but nothing was as effective as using a fan. Check out how I illustrate how to cut an onion without crying. If you have any handy dandy tips of your own on how to make anything easier in the kitchen, let me know!

Jan 302013
NEW VIDEO... Purge Them Drawers!

Hi Guys… this here is a video about a gadget drawer gone by the wayside. I’m not going to tell you which gadgets you should keep and which ones you should purge, cus that’s personal, but I am going to open up my drawer to you and show you what I did. This is personal stuff!  

Apr 202012

I am so in love right now. When I set my sights on writing a post about cool foodie chotchtke, the first place I thought of was Hungry Bunny, an adorable store on Polk street that also sells their fantastic stuff on their web site, but the first place I went to online, was Fred & Friends, another favorite. I perused Fred’s catalog and on every page, I repeated in mantric style, ” want that and that and that and that and that, oh and that too.” Folks, if Fred and friends were located in SF, I might just switch careers in order to be around the creators of these [Read More...]

Mar 072012

I say that I am not a gadget gal and then I make a popsicle maker, scale and Kevlar glove video. I guess I am somewhat of a gadget gal. When I purchase a gadget, I ask myself, “Self, will this end up in a garage sale, donation pile or back of a drawer, never to be seen again?” CORDOVA CUT RESISTANT KEVLAR GLOVE: I am not quite sure why I didn’t purchase this guy years ago. It is not expensive and I have been wanting it forever, but I guess I just like to suffer. I got mine from Colbrook Kitchen. This a cool site founded by a couple [Read More...]

Sep 282011

You know those episodes of Friends where Chandler and let’s say, Monica, would reminisce about old times and they would show clips of some of the most memorable “Friends” moments? Well, this is that episode of RealFoodies TastyBits! Since some of you are new to my posts, I am going to list the highlight reel so you can catch up on some groovy posts or videos that you may have missed due to everyday nuisances like work,  fitness or sleeping. I have a lot of great stuff in the works. I am super excited about making more videos and I have gotten great feedback from you on what you want [Read More...]