Jul 092015

Easy watermelon salad with goat cheese, kalamata olives mint and lime juice

If you recently subscribed to Claudia’s Tasty Bits on YouTube, I am taking a little summer break to spend some quality time with my little sprouts. They are only little once! While I am gone, I hope you check out my existing videos. There are many to choose from and I guarantee you will either learn something new or at the very least, have a chuckle!

For now, here is a post about my favorite watermelon salad that I hope you make and tell me how it turns out! Please comment on this post or drop me a note at hey@realfoodies.com.

I love to make this super easy and tasty watermelon salad. Not only does it impress the pants off of guests, but each time I make it, it surprises me just how good it is. It is such a beautiful version of watermelon salad to serve. There are a million, ok maybe 20, ways to make watermelon salad, but the lime juice and mint watermelon salad is the winner for me. Over the years I have tried many ways of slicing a watermelon, until through the osmosis of the food network and trial and error, I landed firmly on this simple way to slice a watermelon for most uses. This watermelon salad is great for any occasion, but I find that it is the perfect summer salad for 4th of July or any barbeque. When preparing this easy watermelon salad for a group, just toss all of the ingredients in a bowl and season right before serving. Many watermelon salad recipes contain feta cheese, but I like that goat cheese crumbles, but is smooth once you take a bit.

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